The reasons why Huge Diamond’s Ceramic, Titanium and
Diamond Titanium knives collections are the best beating others.

• Super long-lasting sharpness for years without sharpening
• Antibacterial function on whole blade (for antibacterial series only)
• Made by rare & valued materials, much harder than conventional classic knife
• Antibacterial treatment on whole blade from internal to external
• NO rust, clean easily on all products of Ceramic, Titanium and Diamond Titanium
• Harmless, Health-friendly, metal-taste & metal allergy FREE on All series
• Tireless rightness of all the products in comparison with conventional
classic knives
• Various lengths & sizes with huge product range for different needs
• Exclusive fashionable colorful blade with innovative design
• Proved by British CATRA’s authoritative test & obtained US patent
• Solely100% Made in Japan without Outsourcing like other products outsourcing